Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo | Yamada and the Seven Witches [HDTV 720p] [Watashi]

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December 15<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (3 years and 1 month and 7 days)
First thing first, here's the the comparison I posted some time ago. The reason I picked Watashi really is just because of personal preference... It's the one I enjoyed the most, quality is constant, subs were nice (in my opinion) with translated signs when needed, and you even get chapters! But I'll let you judge by yourself which one should be picked as I still don't know how to judge a release.

Next, I have a small problem. I can't get the proper and separate bit rate for video and audio using MediaInfo! It only gives me overall bit rate (3 373 Kbps for file one for example). I know I can calculate it manually, but honestly that's a bit too boring, so if anyone knows an other way to get these value, that'd be appreciated. Else, well, I'll do it manually.

And finally, regarding the show, it was not bad at all. However, I didn't read the manga past volume one (I think only half of first volume), so I couldn't really compare the drama with it. But I enjoyed it, and the drama even managed to offer a decent conclusion, which was nice and something I didn't expect.

edit: yes simple chapters indeed, but still a nice feature that is worth being named.

edit2: I found a working program here that gave me video bit rates. As for audio, I had to extract each track to actually get the bit rates using MPC. >_>

herki (Commie Staff)

December 15<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (3 years and 1 month and 7 days)
Those aren't ordered chapters, they're just regular chapters.


December 17<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2013 (3 years and 1 month and 5 days)
Beautiful description! I cant wait for this to get approved :-)


January 2<sup><i>nd</i></sup> 2014 (3 years and 20 days)
A big fan of Yusuke Yamamoto, hope this gets approved soon. :thumbsup:


January 3<sup><i>rd</i></sup> 2014 (3 years and 19 days)
:-D Can't wait to watch HD video of ..Yamada and the Seven Witches.. :-D


January 4<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (3 years and 18 days)
I Love this manga so much !! didnt kno they have live action :yikes:
Can't Wait till this gets approved !

Edit: how long is it usually until an offer is approved?


January 6<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (3 years and 16 days)
» jagoankotak
Edit: how long is it usually until an offer is approved?

I'd say, as long as it takes for the staff to reach a decision in which encode is the best one, so it's pretty random ^^ (can be fast, or can take a while depending on what other things they have to look at, and from the look at the offer pool, there's a lot already)

But you can grab it off nyaa (tid=483048) if you do not wish to wait for its approval here.


February 1<sup><i>st</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 11 months and 21 days)
:'-( darn it you beat me to the punch. I was going to do these at my leisure but I guess it's not needed now. I loved this it was whimsical, fun and short enough not to bore. :thumbsup:


May 5<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 8 months and 19 days)
I've read the entire manga so far and watched two of these episodes. The only thing I remember about this show is on episode 2, Odagiri gets this amazingly malignant grin on her face. I knew something was about to go down after seeing it.


May 12<sup><i>th</i></sup> 2014 (2 years and 8 months and 11 days)
How far does this live action go compared to the manga? :-/


June 2<sup><i>nd</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 7 months and 21 days)
Can I have the Download Link of all the pisodes please? :-( :-( :-(


June 2<sup><i>nd</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 7 months and 21 days)
Not sure if it's a serious question....
Anyway, it's a torrent, you can download it by looking at the top of the description, click the green bar.


June 3<sup><i>rd</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 7 months and 21 days)
It's not downloading even though I have fast internet connection. :'-( :'-( :'-(


June 3<sup><i>rd</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 7 months and 20 days)
Fast internet has nothing to do with your problem. You should simply consult the FAQ about either torrenting issues or common torrent error messages.
You should find an answer to your problem in either of these (though I'm guessing it might simply be your client that isn't on the whitelist, as usual now...).

Bogey Jammer

October 22<sup><i>nd</i></sup> 2015 (1 year and 3 months and 1 day)
That was damn fun to watch